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Mobile Blast Away is a Dustless Blasting System that is Environmentally Safe and Eco-Friendly. We remove paint, sealants, epoxy, rust and many other surface coatings from metal, stone, brick, concrete, fiberglass, wood and much more.

Our Dustless Blasting System is gentle enough to clean most any surface. We service all counties in New York such as Dutchess, Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Sullivan, Bronx and Long Island. Other states include Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and wherever your project takes us.

As a Mobile Blasting Unit we are able to access cities such as Manhattan, White Plains, Stamford, Poughkeepsie and handle any type of project.
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Dustless Blasting - Boat

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We Are Now Distributors of the Blast Media We Use - Recycled Crushed Glass

Abrasive Crushed Glass

Mobile Blast Away is now a distributor of the abrasive crushed glass we exclusively use for our dustless blasting. We use the same Recycled Crushed Glass we sell for all our own blasting. We use up to 40% less glass than slags or other mineral abrasives. It is 100% recycled material which is diverted directly from landfills and our glass is chemically non toxic and inert and can be used near water.

We are selling four grits...

  • Coarse - Used for moderate profiling on aluminum and steel structures, light rust and paint - 3+ mil profile on Steel Surfaces
  • Med-Coarse - Used for heavy/moderate work on tanks, pipes bridges, ships and all general blasting needs. 2.5 + mil profile on Steel Surfaces
  • Medium - Used on stainless steel for wet/dry blasting of light mil scale, maintenance work, graffiti and restoration - 1.0 to 2 mil profile on Steel Surfaces
  • Fine - Great on softer metals and substrates. Excellent for etching and degreasing on aluminum, car parts and wood - .5 to 1 mil profile on Steel Surfaces

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Distributors of Blast Media... Call: 845-661-7366


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New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and wherever your project takes us... We Come To You!

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